MA 3111, Fall 1999

Complex Analysis I

Lecturer: Wu Jie , Phone: 874-4940.

Office: S14, #04-07, Faculty of Science, Lower Kent Ridge Road.

General information about this module

Prerequisites for students matriculated before 1 July 1998: MA2206 or [MA1103 and {MA2208 or MA2108}]
Prerequisites for students matriculated after 1 July 1998: MA1104 and MA2108 and {MA2118 or MA2108}
Overlaps GM3301,MQ3203, EE3002
or GM1302

This module is assigned four modular credits with three hours of lecture and one hour of tutorial per week.

You should consult the academic advisors on matters related to selection of modules. The academic advisors of level 3000 mathematics modules are A/P Tay Tiong Seng, Dr Chua Seng Kee and A/P Tan Ser Peow.


Continuous assessment, consisting of participation at tutorials and two midterm tests during the term, determines 30% of the marks. The final examination determines the remaining 70% of the marks.
Midterm Exam 1: Monday, August 16, 9-10 am, covers Chapters 1 and 2.
Midterm Exam 2: Monday, September 20, 9-10 am, covers chapters 3 and 4.
Final Exam: covers all of the materials, that is, chapters 1-6.

Course contents

The complex plane. Analytic functions. Contour integration. Taylor series. Residues and poles. Laurent series. The Residue Theorem and its applications.

Text Book: fundamentals of complex analysis for mathematics, science and engineering, by Saff and Snider, 2nd edition, published by Prentice Hall.

Chapter 1:
Complex numbers
Chapter 2:
Analytic Functions
Chapter 3:
Elementary Functions
Chapter 4:
Complex Integration
Chapter 5:
Series Representations for Analytic Functions
Chapter 6:
Residue Theory



900 - 1000
LT 23
900 - 1000
LT 23
1400 - 1500
LT 23

Lecture will begin in the week of 19 July 1999.
weekly syllabus


On-line signing up for tutorials begins at 10:00 Thursday 29 July and ends at 5pm Thursday 29 July. Sign up for ONE slot only.  The venues and time slots available are

Monday 11-12 pm S16 04-32
Thursday 12-1 pm S16 04-32
 Friday  1-2 pm S16 04-32
 Friday  2-3 pm S16 04-32
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