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WONG Yan Loi

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Current interests

Selected publications

Course teaching (2018-2019, S2):  MA2104 Multivariable Calculus  

The Belt Trick: An Introduction                    See the trick 

Introduction to Geometry : Lecture Notes

Ordinary Differential Equations : Lecture Notes

Geometry: from ancient to modern : Lecture Notes

A course in Point Set Topology : Lecture Notes

A course in Multivariable Calculus : Lecture Notes

Notes on Barycentric Coordinates


WONG Yan Loi
Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Science,
Block S17, 10 Lower Kent Ridge Road,
Singapore 119076, Republic of Singapore

(65) 6516 2947 (Office)
(65) 6516 8696 (Dean's office)

(65) 6779 5452 (Fax)

Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad


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Wong Yan Loi

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