Louxin Zhang ()

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science,
NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering
National University of Singapore

10 Lower Kent Ridge, Singapore 119076
Tel: (65-)6516-6579
Fax: (65-)6779-5452
E-mail: matzlx(AT)nus(DOT)edu(DOT)sg
Office: S17-08-05

Education BSci, MSci (Lanzhou) in Math,Ph.D (Waterloo) in Computer Science

Research Interests


Current Research Projects

Software Tools (by me)

Professional Services

Conference PC member for:

     APBC'2014 (Shanghai, China), RECOMB'2014 (Pittsburgh, USA), RECOMB-Seq'2014 (Pittsburgh, USA),
     ISAAC 2014 (Jeonju, Korea), WABI'2014 (Wroclaw, Poland), ECCB'2014 (Strasbourg, France),
     COCOA'2014 (Maui, USA)

     RECOMB'2013 (Beijing, China), LATA'2013 (Bilbao, Spain), WABI'2013 (Sophia Antipolis, France),
     RECOMB CG'2013 (Lyon, France)

     WABI'12(Lubljana, Slovenia), ECCB2012(Basel, Switzerland), RECOMB CG'2012(Niteri, Brazil),
     APBC'12(Melboure, Australia), ISAAC2012(Taiwan), ACM BCB 2012(Florida, USA),
     FAW 2012(Beijing, China), BioMedCom2012(Washinton, USA),

Some of my collaborators and coauthors

Former group members

We are looking for potential Ph.D students for computational and mathematical biology research. One can apply through Department of Mathmatics if you have background in mathematics, and NUSGraduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering otherwise

Three-year postdoctoral researcher position are available for regulatory networks

MA3259: Mathematical Methods in Genomics (check IVLE for information

MA4235: Graph theory (check IVLE for information

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