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WebPHYLIP is a web version of the original PHYLIP package. Both the original programs and documention written by Joe Felsenstein were modified to reflect the WebPHYLIP interface. In addition, we have written WebPHYLIP documentation that includes

  1. A flow chart of constructing phylogenies.
  2. How is WebPHYLIP different from PHYLIP (in usage and programs).
  3. Basic phylogeny tutorial on methods and data types.
  4. Q & A on using WebPHYLIP.

For more info on WebPhylip, Click HERE.


  1. Unix Platform (Solaris, SGI, DEC, AIX, Linux,etc...), or Windows'95, '97
  2. ANSI C Compiler (GNU C will also do) on Unix machines; Visual C ( or others) on Windows;
  3. Perl (http://www.perl.org)
  4. Web Daemon running (http://www.apache.org) with access to the CGI-BIN directory.

Installing WebPhylip Version 1.3 on Windows PC:

  1. Click HERE to download WebPhylip
  2. After you finish the download, use winzip for uncompress
    " webphylip_Windows.zip ". After this, the subdirectory webphylip is generated.

  3. Read inst_readme.txt under webphylip for instructions for installing WebPHYLIP.

Installing WebPhylip on Unix/Linux machines:

  1. WebPHYLIP Version 1.3; WebPHYLIP Version 2.0;
  2. After you finish the download, uncompress the package by
    "gunzip WebPHYLIP.tar.gz" or "gzip -d WebPHYLIP.tar.gz "

    After this command is executed, WebPHYLIP.tar is generated.

  3. Then, restore the programs by using the command "tar"

    "tar xvf WebPHYLIP.tar" or "tar -xvf WebPHYLIP.tar "

  4. To install WebPhylip, run "webphylipconfig.pl" in the WEBPHYLIP directory which comes from untaring the file.

    Type "./webphylipconfig.pl " or "perl webphylipconfig.pl " and follow the instructions.

  5. Next compile the programs in the /WEBPHYLIP/Phy_Program/ directory by typing "make " in the directory.

Possible problems :

Webphylip directory not accessible on WWW.
Reason 1
:Default umask permission on system is user read/write only.
Fix : type "chmod -R 755 *" followed by "chmod -R 644 *.html *.gif" in the WEBPHYLIP directory.

Reason 2: The client cannot access program specified by a soft link.
Fix : Modify the setting
           Options   None
           AllowOveride None 
   in the file "httpd.conf" to

           Options   FollowSymLinks 
           AllowOveride None


We thank the following people for feedbacking helpful suggestions for implroving WebPHYLIP: Arron (IMA, Singapore), C. Olmsted (U. of Washington), Olin D. Anderson (U.S. Department of Agriculture), F. Coulier (Experimental Oncology Lab., France), Z. Pogue (Stanford University), M. Sarachu (EMBNet Argentina); we also thank S. Zhu, YH Wu for fixing various bugs.

Mail to Louxin Zhang (matzlx@nus.edu.sg ) for information if you encounter any problems. Last updated 30 April, 2003.